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Hi Guys (& Gals)~

It's me, Reese, webmaster of No, not in the photo on the left. That's my wife, Vix, who suffers from a degenerative neurological disease known as Multiple Sclerosis (this is me & Vix, if you're at all interested). I won't go into detail about the disease - Vix does enough of that on her "Why MS?" page here on VixPix and her charity, the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre, has some exceptional resources in that respect - but I did want to elaborate on it's connections to MyBoobSite.

You see, was the first website we'd ever created together back in early 2004, and it ultimately served as the inspiration for starting MyBoobSite (which was originally intended as a promotional tool for both our non-profit charity work and her more recent commercial venture, Within a few weeks of launching MyBoobSite, I began to be contacted by other models & webmasters who asked if their sites could be featured as well, which brings us to where MBS is today.

I just wanted to let you know that, in visiting Vix' charity site, you're witnessing the very origins of what brought MyBoobSite into being. I'm so terribly proud of her, not only for her courage in the face of hardship and putting up with the relentless drive for publicity at this site's inception and raising more than $10,000US for the MSRC (who have put up a page in her honour (yes, my real name is Randy, which doesn't go down so well here in Britain)), but for putting up with me as well.

Now that you're here, all I can say is enjoy the pics, read Vix' words and some of the lovely comments others have left, and, if you've got a few dollars (or pounds or euros or whatever) to spare, please make a donation to this most worthy cause on behalf of VixPix...

~Reese! :~)

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